Sunday, March 27, 2011

Commercial Properties in Mumbai

Commercial properties in Mumbai are at an ever-increasing demand. With new developments and technologies hitting the market everyday, consumer expectations have taken a giant leap as compared to a decade ago. Not only have investors become more aware of the real estate industry now, but also anyone with surplus money in hand wants to invest in a commercial property as it can be put on lease for a means of a continuous source of additional income or even put it back on the market for sale at a higher price. As a commercial place is bound to appreciate in value and also fetch a handsome rent, either way it is a win-win situation for the investor.

Mumbai has now become a goldmine for Indian as well as foreign investors. With the government encouraging foreign companies to set up shop here in the business capital of India, the city has transformed into a skyscraper jungle. Realtors and developers have realized the potential of Mumbai, and have consciously started concentrating on commercial developments around the city, as they are a sure way of getting back high returns from the property. This is the reason that countless malls, shopping centers, branded retail outlets or stores, office buildings, multiplexes, IT spaces and the like are springing up at a mind-boggling rate. As most of the posh areas of town are jam-packed with commercial properties, the developers and builders have switched their focus to the suburbs of the city.

Andheri is the most popular destination in the suburb in Mumbai. While Andheri West is mostly residential, Andheri East is a mixture of residential as well as commercial properties. With large industrial developments like Saki Naka, and MIDC SEEPZ, the east also houses Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, and also many Call Centers and BPOs. All these factors have pulled in developers to consider this area as up-and-coming for commercial properties. As soon as the Mumbai Metro becomes operational, travel time to Andheri will be reduced considerably. Its connectivity to the Western Express Highway makes this area ideal for commercial development. Andheri East is destined to become a commercial hub for any business venture. Not only are realtors bidding big money to get a bite of this promise-land, but they are also looking forward to building the best infrastructure in commercial projects to showcase their name and work here.

Buying commercial properties in Mumbai can be challenging for any investor. The key is to contact a reliable realtor or developer and choose a property that fits into your budget and is preferably in potentially viable area of the city.

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Residential Projects in Dadar and Chembur

If you are looking to buy a place of your own in Mumbai, consider investing your money in one of the residential projects in Dadar and Chembur. Both these areas are prime locations for owning homes. Having proximity to the best schools and colleges in Mumbai, both areas are ideal for bringing up a family. With pros like being extremely well connected to the rest of the city, Dadar and Chembur also have the advantage of being next to the Mumbai Agra National Highway.

While Dadar has more offices and residential complexes, Chembur is known for its industrial area. Hence, both vicinities have their pros that may be subjective to the investor. For example, a person working in Chembur will definitely prefer investing in a house there as it would save him a lot of money and travel time as well. The trick to acquiring the perfect home for you and your family is to take into account some vital factors before the buy.

The main aspect of investment is the budget. Shortlist properties in the area of choice and see how many fit into your budget. Keep in mind that you will be spending some more for the furniture, moving, etc. so plan accordingly. Also, just as important is making sure that everybody who is going to be moving is okay with the property in question and have convenient mode of transportation to work or institute of education. Since, we are only talking about places in Mumbai, make sure the travel time and traffic situation is thought of. For example, if you have an elderly person in your family it is crucial to be in a locality that includes a hospital or in case you have a young child it would be nice to live near a garden.

The next step would be to finding a good real estate company. One way of doing this could be online. Be sure to check the credibility and reputation of the company to be on the safer side. Taking the assistance of an agent is a good way of finding second-hand properties, but in case you are looking for a new building the best way for you could be to directly contact developers who have ongoing projects in that area. By doing so, you can find out directly from the source whether the building is going to be equipped with the amenities that you care to have.

Another factor that might be imperative is the neighbourhood you will be moving into. Safety in some neighbourhoods also could be of concern. To be safe, always ask some local shopkeepers or other residents about the kind of lifestyle, safety, and cleanliness practices that are followed.

The preeminent part of residential projects in Dadar and Chembur is that they are safe areas that have friendly people who enjoy living in this vibrant city. Plus, if you buy a house in any of the two areas, you can be rest assured that the resale value of your investment will only appreciate with time.

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Monday, March 7, 2011

Commercial Spaces for SME

SME are the backbone of Indian economy. SME is a term used to describe Small and Medium Enterprises. A medium-sized enterprise is one where the number of employees does not exceed 250, while a small-sized enterprise is a company with less than 50 employees. For such companies acquiring a place of their own is a must for business growth. There require smaller but state of the art. Omkar Realtors & Developers is a reputed name for such business need.

Omkar Realtors & Developers have come up with commercial projects in Mumbai at Worli and Andheri. Being at the forefront of the real estate market in the economic capital of India, Omkar has made an undeniable mark for itself. With each project being a blend of novel design, latest technology, new-fangled facilities and world-class amenities, this company is determined to provide the very best in commercial spaces for its varied clientele. For any SME it is extremely vital to have an impressive office address, like The Summit Business Bay by Omkar in the heart of the economic capital of India.

The Summit – Business Bay, is situated in South Mumbai’s Worli area. Worli is considered a prime location for any modern business. In addition to the exclusive Worli sea-face view, this commercial complex provides high security features, automated parking, unparalleled business center, rooftop lounge, and a health club. With such unparalleled amenities and a supreme location in the heart of corporate Mumbai, this complex is bound to make waves.

Another option would be to get your space requirements met by The Summit – Business Bay in Andheri, Mumbai. Committed to bridging the gap between consumer expectations and space delivery, Omkar offers a complex with contemporary styling and area-efficient designs. With office spaces, which are flexible, as well as self-contained, this commercial complex provides an exclusive rooftop banquet area, which is ideal for office get-togethers or entertaining clients, a double height lobby, entresol level cafeteria, and new wave amenities such as a document centre, meeting rooms, conference rooms, cafeteria, and gymnasium, to help your business soar to new levels of excellence.

Omkar Realtors & Developers have kept in mind that the SME that are welcome here will be striving for success in their respective fields and thus, taken care to assure outstanding infrastructure and exceptional amenities in commercial spaces for SME.

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