Friday, October 21, 2011

Residential Properties in Parel

If you are looking at options to make a substantial investment in the city’s growing real estate sector, your number one choice should be to consider residential properties in Parel. Part of the commercial and economic centre, this locale of the city is a surefire goldmine for property investment. Any real estate venture in Parel, regardless of size or structure is bound to appreciate quite a bit in value and worth in the years to come, making the vicinity an excellent selection for investors of all segments.

Even though, Parel was once home to the middle class and lower middle class, who primarily worked in the area’s mills, today not many can afford to buy a decent sized property in this part of the city. With Mumbai growing leaps and bounds each year and holding its ground as one of the costliest places in Asia as far as real estate goes, it is no wonder that most developers who have invested in construction activities in Parel are targeting the upper middle class and affluent class segments of the market.

New projects that can be seen here are all high-rises aiming to touch the sky. These buildings have changed the look and feel of the commercial hub, making it emerge as a classy residential area as well. Subsequently, some of the leading developers of the city have ongoing residential projects in the area. These complexes look a world apart from the ones that have been built a decade ago or so, in terms of style, amenities, structure and design as well. Upcoming or ongoing residential projects throughout the city today have a contemporary air about them. A majority of them are designed or styled by international specialists that give them a touch of a state of the art chic feel. These properties are not just made and sold at a premium as per their space and location, but are made intelligently to better the standard and quality of living of the occupant. Such projects are equipped with all modern day amenities and facilities.

Residential projects in Parel also have other benefits, besides the great returns the investment guarantees. One of the major advantages that the business residents see in this area is the pride of address. Another benefit is that while you are close to your workplace and business centre, there are a number of reputed schools and colleges in the vicinity for your children. Parel has always been a centre for commercial activity, and with such beautiful options for housing available for businessmen and executives, you don’t have to look any further to put your hard earned cash to good use. Also, if you do not wish to live in the flat, you can lease or rent the place out and earn a parallel income.

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