Monday, February 28, 2011

The Integral Elements of Real Estate

Indian real estate companies have increased in number in recent times due to the boom in the real estate sector. This was the result of the information technology companies’ explosion in India in the last few years, accompanied by the growth of the Indian economy at 8%. The soaring prices of real estate in India have led to corporate attention to this sector, with a number of Indian companies jumping onto the real estate bandwagon. The demand for property is constantly getting steeper in India and as a result, the growing numbers of real estate companies in India comes as no surprise. With new money and elite investors, it has
become a challenge for such companies to create good asset value and maintain it.

It is no secret that the lesser one pays for a quality asset, greater is the downside protection, while increasing the likelihood of a stronger return. Building trust among the investors and ensuring that the stakeholders benefit from the investment made is the prime focus of reputed real estate developers. Asset value creation is an integral part of the real estate market. It is the only sure shot way of guaranteed returns for the investor and helps in creating a reputable name for the developer.

Builders and developers come up with strategies to achieve a good asset value for their projects. It is fairly common to even appoint an asset manager who oversees that this task is accomplished so as to ensure a satisfied client through various business tactics and changes as required. All this is done by, firstly finding and implementing ways to maximize the overall profitability of site. The developer then provides the necessary analysis, options and recommendations to the investor for decisions that have to be made. The choices made are then implemented to achieve the set objectives. The most important aspects of building asset value by the developer are to look for efficiencies provided to the consumer, constantly improvise and make available improvements, have a steady and attractive structure, manage customer operations well, and maintain the quality of service as well as structure to live up to the expectations of the investor.

Asset value is primarily created by the builder and later maintained or enhanced by the investor. Creating such value for a property is crucial for it to deliver the expected returns. By doing so, the developer is not only forming a lasting relationship with the investor, but also gaining his trust, which is as valuable as the property itself. Such principles are followed by the most reputed, and prominent real estate development companies around the world.

OMKAR | Woodside - Residential Property in Dadar
In Mumbai, Omkar Realtors & Developers is one such firm that is not only committed to providing exclusive value assets, but also maintaining a lasting relationship of trust and reliability with their clientele. Well-known specialists in development of commercial, residential, hospitality and retail projects, this company is skilled to provide quality infrastructure, stylish pouses with a lot of innovative designing, to aid urban development towards internationally set standards.

With operational excellence in their transparent working, Omkar Realtors & Developers have residential projects at Chembur, Dadar, and Parel that are under construction at the moment. They also have efficiently designed commercial complex at Worli that is currently in its final stage of construction. It has already made future plans for its plentiful patrons. The near future holds stunning residential properties in Mumbai - BKC Annex, Andheri, Malad, and Worli; and a commercial building in the heart of Andheri. Omkar Realtors & Developers are not just another company in this field, they are one of the fastest growing and principle oriented companies that truly value the client’s needs above all else.

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